Some tips for taking good pictures

Some tips for taking good pictures

Each season has its own unique characteristics. One thing can be seen in each age. This is the age of Facebook and Instagram. And giving pictures there is like a daily job now. There is nothing wrong with that. Who doesn’t want to share their beautiful picture with friends. So we post pictures of weddings, invitations, walks, even sitting at the reading table. Sometimes I give beautiful pictures as well as pictures of funny moments of other friends. But many times it is seen that he took a lot of pictures but none of them came to his mind. If so, tell me who feels bad. So today let’s know a few tips about taking pictures.

1) Light: It is very important to take care of the light in the case of photo. The best pictures come in natural or daylight. However, the picture is not good with the bright light from 11 pm to 2 pm. The bright orange hue in the morning and afternoon light gives the best picture. When taking pictures inside the house, try to take pictures near windows or doors, so that natural light is available. If this is not possible, try to avoid fluorescent lights.

2) Composition: Take a good look at the surroundings while taking pictures. Something unnecessary so that it does not come into the picture. Take a picture just above the eye level. This will make the eye float a lot and if there is a double chin, it will not be understood. If you want a little artistic or slimming effect, take a picture from the side of the face after the shadow. Rule of Thirds: Divide the photo frame into three parts. Then place yourself in the first 1/3 or 2/3 of the frame. The picture will look good. Notice the image below.

3) Frame: Imagine the frame before taking the picture. The picture looks good if there is a geometric pattern in the frame. Try bringing another frame within the photo frame. It could be a door, a window, or two trees side by side. Take a picture with the camera in both hands without taking a selfie with one hand. In this case, your hand will act as the frame.

4) Background: Take care of the background of the photo. If you take pictures inside the house, you can put walls behind it. Many of us like to take pictures in front of the dressing table, so make sure the table is not messy and the mirror does not show the messy condition of your room. And don’t forget to take pictures in the bathroom mirror. This is not a good thing at all. When taking pictures outside, try to tell a story inside the picture. If there is a place with natural scenery, try to have pictures that are just you and nature. Wait if needed. However, if an event such as a fair, concert is a different matter.

5) Pose or posture: When taking a picture, do not look directly at the camera, turn your neck slightly or raise your head a little. It will make the eyes look bigger.

6) Think of something new: Who said you have to take pictures as usual! Don’t just take a picture of the eyes without taking a picture of the whole face. The eyes speak the mind. Or a picture of a moment floating in the water. Take pictures in a fun way, but don’t forget to post. Pictures capture our time, so take pictures, hold memories.

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